Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't be so quick to judge!

I was reading in the 2nd chapter of Romans, Verses 25 and following about and its relationship to the law.  If you recall that circumcision was the sign of the covenant with Abraham, it is easy to read "under the covenant" when we read the word circumcision.

So in this passage, then, it becomes very clear that circumcision loses its connection to righteousness if one who is under the covenant breaks the law.  Likewise, one who is uncircumcised but is following the law, is under the covenant.

Romans puts it this way:

"If an uncircumcised man keeps the precepts of the law, will he not be considered circumcised?  Indeed, those who are physically uncircumcised but carry out the law will pass judgment on you, with your written law and circumcision, who break the law."

Ouch.  A pious Christian who sees himself as holy because of his devotional practices might want to be careful, because one who is not attached to a particular church or devotion, may be greater than you if you start thinking yourself better!

An examination of conscience may be in order here to be sure that your attachment to spiritual (or other) works is not leading you down the path of the circumcised who "keeps the law" but separates himself from its spirit.

God bless,

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