Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Where is Evidence of God? (PODCAST, OGW - 6, Book of Romans)

Have you ever wondered where we can find evidence of God?  My reflection today on the Book of Romans has the answer!

Paul is writing to the Christians in Rome and he makes the logical argument that the world around us gives evidence of God, because "God made it evident to them!"

I am so excited to talk about this passage and I hope you will be inspired to really think about this.  Maybe someone you know that is struggling with the existence of God will find it helpful as well. Be sure to share it with a friend!

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Have a blessed day in God's Word!

Janet Cassidy
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Thursday, October 10, 2019

What Are YOU Covering Up? (Podcast, CC023)

Let's talk about that clutter!

Do you have closets, or a garage, or even a basement full of STUFF?  What is it doing to your peace of mind, and WHY aren't you doing anything about it?

Often the massive overflow filling up our homes can become a burden, one that stands between us and God!  How is that possible?  What's the connection? Why is simplicity important?

Listen in as I talk about my bookcases and how I approached them when I realized they were becoming overstuffed.  Let's talk about what you may be covering up when you can't let go of things.

There may be a few reasons you haven't considered, as to why you are so attached.

Please share this podcast with a friend if you think they might find it helpful!

Janet Cassidy
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How Can I Grow Closer to God?

Most of the time when I walk, I listen to my music, but lately I have been “branching out” and looking for Catholic podcasts to listen to.

Today I came across one that I used to listen to all the time – Discerning Hearts. They consider themselves a “spiritual stop for those who travel on the digital sea.”

And that is exactly what they are.  I have found their content and interviews to always have something informative and interesting.

Today I listed to an interview on contemplation with Fr. Donald Haggerty who was talking about his book, Contemplative Hunger.  He has solid credits to his name, which include being a long time spiritual director for Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity.

Anyway, I wanted to refer you to this podcast because he discusses the importance of prayer and specifically identifies what one Abbott of a monastery required of his monks to do daily, which led to his entire monastery becoming a truly contemplative place. You see, in any religious environment, you can have people who pray, and you can have those who really pray.   

He talks about the Missionaries of Charity and how even among the sisters, you can see a difference. Some of them, as Fr. Haggerty says, really stand out because of their “littleness.”  They do great work among the suffering and find great joy in doing it because of their humility and their love of God.

Fr. Haggerty talks about how if you want to grow closer to God, he will bring you closer to the poor—and not just the physically poor.  They may be in your family or other people close to you just as well.

In this podcast, he talks about the need to not just educate ourselves about the church and its doctrines, but how we can grow closer to God through living those challenges that life brings.

While I have not read his book, I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and thought you might as well.  You can find this particular podcast here, but be sure to check out everything else they have on this site!

Janet Cassidy
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