Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Creating a Campaign Ad

Oh my goodness!  We are so inundated with television campaign ads that are so mean!  I noticed that in one ad, after slandering their rival, the candidate ended with a snippet of information about his own qualifications.

It made me wonder why, if you are the right candidate, don't you just put out an ad telling us why you are so wonderfully qualified?  Why do you have to run the other guy down?  Don't you realize that it just makes you look bad for doing it?

I remember the priest who married us telling us that you should never run down your spouse in front of other people because it just makes you look bad for having picked such a terrible spouse!

I thought it was funny, but there is some truth, at least to the part about being critical of your spouse in front of other people.  Now, if you need to vent privately to a friend, that's different, but, in most circumstances, the best thing might be to talk to your spouse about your frustrations and try to work through them together, rather than just complain to someone else.  I guess it depends on the individual situation.

Anyway, it's really sad to me to think of the ugliness involved in campaigning.  I've been reading a book on Abraham Lincoln, and as I compare some of the things I am reading to what we are living through, it is pretty interesting.  In some of his speeches, he would, quite frankly, address the error of his opponent when his opponent misquoted him, whether intentionally or not, and stand his ground on what he said or didn't say.  I can see where his name "Honest Abe" carried over into his stump speeches.

As disciples, we could take a lesson from ole Abe.  Stay faithful to what you know--that Jesus died for each of us and that when this life is over, we can look forward to heaven.  Stand your ground when others try to tell you faith is just a crutch, or fiction, or whatever they are saying now.

Be kind.  Be frank, and know of what you speak.  

Here's your assignment today:

If you were running an ad for "candidate" Jesus, what would you put in it?  Write one.  It will help you sort out some of the things you believe, and help you identify what you see as the most important thing others should know about him.

If you feel so motivated, I think it would be fun to see what you come up with, so why not share it?

Once you have made your ad, then maybe you can become a walking advertisement, displaying the truth about Jesus in your words and actions, showing the world why you believe in him and what makes you think he is so great!

Janet Cassidy


Click HERE for excellent resources that will help you understand more about the claims of Proposal 3. Please note that if you would like the Spanish version, just click on those words on the link.  

Please join us (even if you are not Catholic) in praying the 54-Day Rosary Novena.  You can join in anytime.  HERE is a nice link that shows you how to pray it.  Don't have a Rosary?  You can listen online as it is recited on CatholicTV or elsewhere.

Remember, the Rosary can be prayed by anyone; it offers a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the life of Jesus.  I encourage you to give it a try!  Let me know if you have any questions about praying it.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Dry Days of Winter?


(Read about Michigan's Proposal 3 at the end of this blog.  The more I learn, the more shocked I am.)

Now on to my blog . . . 

I was reminded recently that when my husband's grandparents left to spend the winter in Arizona, we were put in charge of grandma's geraniums.  Every year before they left, she would set them out on a table in the kitchen where they stoutly remained until the return of spring the next year.

We did okay taking care of them, but there were certainly times they got pretty dry.  Still, they endured.

My point is that we can all go through dry spells.  For us, we may feel unmotivated, holding our own until our own spiritual spring arrives.  During those days, we must remember that there is someone (God) always watching over us, ready to step in whenever things get too bleak.

In fact, in our dry spells, there is much to be learned.

For one thing, they sure make us appreciate days of light and nourishment.  But besides, that, dry spells can teach us a lot about ourselves.  We need to reflect on why we are stuck.  Is there a reason we are sort of frozen in time?

Whatever the cause, it is helpful to have a friend who reminds us that one of the best ways out is to turn to God.  That may be hard, which is why a good friend is essential, reminding us that we may be in a spiritual winter, but it will not last.

Great saints, like John of the Cross, would call these days the dark night of the soul.  I'm sure St. Theresa of Calcutta experienced them as well.  For most people, I would expect our periods of spiritual dryness do not quite reach the depth of the dark nights St. John described, even though they may feel like it nevertheless.

I know I keep saying it, but never forget that God does not abandon us.  He loves you, no matter what you are going through.  Maybe a nice prayer that he will send someone to help you would be in order.

Janet Cassidy


As promised, more on Proposal 3 . . . and a great link.

I attended an online webinar, where doctors and lawyers spoke about the dangers of this proposal. Clearly, there is a lot of false information out there coming from other sources.  The doctor spoke on ectopic pregnancies, highlighting that they are not considered an abortion and nobody's getting prosecuted for taking care of it--as is so often advertised, instilling fear in pregnant women.

It is important before you vote, that you learn more about this Proposal.  So many assume they know what it's about, but the reality is now just coming to light.  In the next few weeks, we will be inundated with commercials from supporters of the Proposal.  See if they only focus on abortion and a woman's right to choose, versus the horrendous, broad impact it will actually have.  

Even those who are pro-choice, when learning the facts, admit to being unwilling to vote for a constitutional amendment that does what this one would.

Since I cannot cover it all, I hope you will click on this LINK and review the facts.  No propaganda here.  We just want to be sure you know what you are voting on. 

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Please share - Webinar on Proposal 3

There is an important webinar tonight that explains in greater detail, with experts, the effects of Proposal 3. We are encouraging everyone to register and watch as much of it as you can. If possible, gather some people together.

Absentee voting is beginning at this time, so it is essential that we get the word out. Please be informed!

Here is what we have received from the Diocese of Lansing about it:

Proposal 3 Equipping for Life Statewide Webinar

The statewide webinar will take place [tonight] September 29th from 7-8:30 pm. It is strongly suggested that parishes host a "watch party" to ensure as many people as possible are able to view this very important instructional opportunity.

Many have read the ballot language and don't see the dangers we're pointing out.

This webinar will explain the dangerous way this ballot was written and how subtle changes in language will have devastating effects. Lawyers, doctors, and campaign experts will be presenting and answering questions. To register the parish and get your people registered individually, please visit https://www.dioceseoflansing.org/lay-equipping-webinar 
Janet Cassidy