Sunday, November 4, 2007

On the Right Path

Sometimes when I am driving on an unfamiliar road, I depend on the lines on the road to help me determine if I am going the right way. Is this a one-way road? I look to see if the lines are white. Is this a two-way road? Yellow lines will help me there.

It occurred to me that life is like this.

If we follow the markings that God has set before us, we can be assured of taking the right road. What are these markings? I suppose they could be tangible things like the Ten Commandments, but also, I think, they are the messages that come from His parables and the teachings of the Church.

I have observed that whenever we step away on our own and take one small act toward sinfulness, it leads to more. If we can just stay focused and strong, committed and faithful, we simply cannot go down a path that endangers our journey to eternal life.

May God bless you with a clear mind and heart so that you can know which way you are to go.

God bless,

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