Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are you content?

I was reading an interview in the National Catholic Register with author Alexandre Havard. One quote in particular stood out:

"The more deeply we live the virtues, furthermore, the more likely it is that we will change the culture, rather than being content with merely shielding ourselves from its more pernicious effects."

How many of us (particularly parents) are guilty of being content with shielding our children from the harm brought on by culture, rather than attempting to change it?

We can complain all day about the language or content in PG-13 movies, for instance, but how many of us write letters or withhold our payment to them (which comes in the form of ticket buying)?

How many of us are fed up with the vulgarity of the upcoming generation of adults, but remain silent when confronted by it?

How many of us are appalled by abortion, but do not include in our prayers or actions any effort opposing it?

The list is endless.

We mustn't be content to shield ourselves from the effects of this culture, but we must take steps to change it.

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