Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Have you ever been unappreciated, or even offended, by someone you have provided for, such as a spouse, child or parent? Maybe you’ve come home from work to hear your teenager question why their uniform wasn’t washed for the game—when they’ve been home since early afternoon. Or, maybe you’ve dedicated your time and energy to someone only to have them insult you for the way you served them. What has been your reaction to such ingratitude?

A natural temptation is to be angry, or even desirous of distancing yourself from the person causing you pain. But wait! Before you act on that feeling, ask yourself if you, too, might be guilty of ingratitude . . .

In my early morning reflection it occurred to me that we, also, are as guilty as a teenager on a Friday afternoon, of being ungrateful to Jesus! Consider that Jesus gave up his life, through much pain and suffering, not only for those who nailed Him to the cross, but for us as well. When was the last time you spoke a word of gratitude to Him? Do you frequently complain that He isn’t serving you well because you are not getting what you desire? Aren’t you thankful His response isn’t anger or detachment?

As a child of God, be grateful for the sacrificial act of love He has given through His son, Jesus. Take a moment today to appreciate the gift of salvation that you may enjoy because God, our Father, loves you so much!

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