Friday, January 4, 2008

January Blues?

I know that overspending, especially at Christmas, has become a big problem, but I couldn't believe just how bad it has gotten.

I heard a quote recently that something like 50% of us owe $10,000 on our monthly credit card bills! It was also reported that many, many people have yet to pay off bills accrued from last Christmas! How is that even possible? What are people buying?

Years ago I asked a woman how she and her husband could afford yearly, lavish family vacations on their modest income. "Creative financing," she told me. When I inquired further, I learned that her idea of creative financing was simply moving money around on credit cards. I was saddened when she explained how they were able to go on vacations they couldn't afford, clearly unaware that this practice would one day get them in deep trouble.

I think it is time to give some serious consideration to living on less, voluntarily going without, and becoming responsible for personal debt.

To be able to do this, we have to take stock of our Pride.

Yes, I said, Pride.

Pride keeps us spending so we don't look cheap. Pride keeps us from getting the help we need when we get ourselves into trouble. Pride motivates us to satisfy our wants.

Pray hard and ask for help from an expert so that next January you will not be singing the Blues.

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