Thursday, March 13, 2008

One with God

While praying morning prayers, I was enjoying the familiar song, Sing Praise to Our Creator. As I was passing over some of the words, I was struck by one line in particular:

"To Jesus Christ give glory, God's co-eternal Son; as members of his Body We live in him as one."

We live in him as one?

I started thinking, would that be similar to the Sacrament of Marriage, where, we are united as one with our spouse? If that is the case, then we can continue with the understanding that we cannot be separated as we are joined together.

Isn't that interesting? Do you live as though you are one in Jesus? How does knowing this change anything for you? The reference to being members of his body is familiar from scripture where we hear about the importance of every part of the body, but as members of his mystical body, we can also see that there cannot be any separation.

Try as we might to walk away from God at times, it is clear that there is no cutting loose. God is faithful. He is always with us, in us, inseparable from us. For those times when you feel that God is not listening or present, meditate on the words We live in Him as One and allow yourself to explore that reality and let it work in you.

God bless.

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