Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pope Benedict--a true leader

I was reading a report in the National Catholic Register about Luxembourg’s potential for becoming Euthanasia-friendly. The Pope and the Prime Minister had a meeting where this topic was addressed. The bill is passing in this mostly Catholic country. The Prime Minister’s party wanted to block the legislation as well.

What struck me in this article, though, was a quote from the Vatican communiquĂ© reflecting what is very typical of the Vatican—they’ll talk to anybody, even if you don’t agree with them.

According to NCR, the release from the Vatican said that they had “cordial discussions” and that those discussions were an ‘“opportunity to evoke the good relations that exist between” the Vatican and Luxembourg.”’ It said that this gave them the opportunity to “examine a number of questions of mutual interest concerning the current situation of the country.”

“We’ll talk” the Vatican seems to have said; they are a good model for us to follow . . .

When you or your brother have a major, serious disagreement, try to work through it, even if you don’t get your way. Euthanasia is a very, very serious subject and one that surely would raise the ire of the Pope, yet he keeps the lines of communication open because he knows that to do so provides the only real opportunity for progress. Just keep trying.

If you are a strong pro-life advocate, you, too, know what it feels like when your emotions are “stirred into flame” by the ignorance of the pro-abortionists. But, using the Vatican as your model, you now know that progress does not come by force, but by perseverance and love.

Pope Benedict XVI continues to lead by example. We should be paying very close attention.

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