Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yesterday we received the news that my husband was the victim of an attempted identity theft. The perpetrator tried to open a loan in his name using some personal information.

In today's reading from the Gospel of John (8:21-30) there is no problem with identity. Jesus tells the Pharisees and those who are listening exactly who he is. He admonishes them, telling them they are going to die in their sins. They just can't seem to hear what he is saying.

He tells them that the Father has sent Him. That when he is crucified, they will realize who He is. He tells them that he does nothing on his own that the Father is always with Him.

Some of His listeners that day, got it. Many, in fact, came to believe in Him. But we can be assured that some did not ever really "get it."

Where are you today? Are you paralyzed in your sins? Are you stuck in your world? Or will you be of the group that really hears what Jesus says and follows Him?

For the remainder of Lent, why not try to really hear the Word of God as it is revealed in Sacred Scripture? Be open to the Spirit's movement in your life so that you can come to believe, with all your heart, that Jesus is who He says He is. Really believe it and take it to heart. You will be amazed at the transformation that is possible.

God bless.

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