Sunday, August 10, 2008

There's no substitute for Mass!

I was reading an article in my local paper about the Rosary Tapes. The story was highlighting this product where there are prayers set to music. In the article it shared the thoughts of a 25 year old Catholic. Her comment made me cringe.

Describing her use of the tapes, she said: "I don't make it to church every week, so it's just kind of my way of keeping in touch with my faith."

Is it possible, really, for someone to think that listening to prayers online is a substitute for going to Mass? Let's see, you've got the Eucharist on one hand and an audio prayer on the other . . .Yup, that's the same.

I hope you detect my sarcasm. And if you are a Catechist, I hope you never have a student who will grow into an adult who makes that kind of claim. I understand that maybe this is the best the 25 year old woman can give right now, so I applaud her efforts, but she is in serious need of some catechesis.

Sadly, she is not alone.

We must continue to pray hard for the lost generations.

God bless,

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