Friday, November 7, 2008

After the Thrill is Gone

Okay prolifers, take heart! I know many of you are very discouraged and upset after the election, but now is NOT the time to give up! All is not lost if your candidate did not win. There were plenty of things to vote on--from judges to proposals, and obviously, the presidency--and we all have a variety of opinions about which were the best choices, but if your favorite did not win, do not waste one more minute grieving it.

I would like you to read a wonderful article by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson. Even though it is after the election, his call to arms, if you will, is very encouraging. It can be found at Columbia.

Now, let's move forward. Think about how you can contribute some time or energy to the pro-life movement. If you are a writer, write. If you are a speaker, speak. If you can stuff envelopes and do mailings, pray or whatever, just do it. Call your local Right to Life office and ask them what they need. Maybe they need someone to staff phones. Maybe you can put some inserts in your church bulletin. Whatever. Do NOT wait any longer for someone else to do it!

You see, we have to get working so that the next election puts into place a body of people who will lead from a pro-life position. The moral fabric of our nation is at stake and it can be strengthened if we get to work. All too often we think of making a difference by putting together big events, etc., but the real movement comes one person at a time. Remember how President-Elect Obama called on people at a grassroots level? Perhaps he knew that it works!

Please let me know what you do . . .

God bless,