Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Could Have Told you This!!!

Bill Gates, Chairman (and Co-Founder)of Microsoft, while receiving Ghandi's Prize for Peace, reportedly said that although "the technology information revolution had been 'hugely beneficial'" he feels that 'All these tools of tech waste our time if we're not careful.'"

Thank you Mr. Gates. I feel the same way.

We must be VERY CAREFUL with technology so as not to ignore our families and friends by replacing our experiential social friendships with Internet communities of people. Communicating via the printed word--be it texting or typing--is not good for us if it is our primary source of interaction. Why? Because we lose out on the interpersonal skills that are so necessary to our humanity, and, as Bill Gates said so eloquently, we can waste our time.

I made a decision about a year ago that I wanted to live my REAL life, not just spend my days on the computer. Balance, balance, balance. Since I am a writer, I must be very careful to move away from my desk, go outside and get some sunshine and fresh air.

I could have told you long ago, be careful not to waste your life in front of a computer screen. Technology is great--I wouldn't want to be without it--but, we must not allow it to become our life.

God bless,