Friday, April 2, 2010

Attitude of a Servant, Luke 17: 7

This passage, Luke 17:7 came to mind the other day when I was reflecting on something that I think is not uncommon among Christians as they grow in their faith . . .

Seems like the more you desire holiness and begin to embrace various faith practices, i.e. prayer, devotional reading, Mass, it is easy to be fooled into thinking you are ALL THAT when it comes to being a Christian. The more we do, perhaps we secretly hope others will notice and think of us as being holy.

If you have fallen into that trap--caught between the recognition of your imperfection and a growing awareness of righteousness--this passage in Luke is the perfect solution to counter your growing pride.

Jesus gives us the bigger picture when he tells the story of a servant who comes in from plowing or tending sheep. As he continues to tell about the servant, it becomes very clear that the servant is just doing what he is supposed to be doing. He's not getting a lot of credit or special attention for it. It's just his responsibility and he is fulfilling it.

When we begin to fight pride as our faith practices grow, we would do well to remember this story. For, as disciples of Christ, any movement toward God--in our speech or our practices--are what we are supposed to be doing. And the motivation and capacity to do them comes from God, not ourselves.

Spend some time reflecting on this if your pride is being puffed up. If you secretly like being noticed for your growing holiness or you act in certain ways just to get noticed.

It is good that you are moving toward God, but do not let yourself be fooled into thinking you have become outstanding--above others--in your holiness.

Everyone is called to holiness and God is opening the door for you. Walk through it. Cherish it. Be grateful for it and most of all, appreciate it for the gift that it is.

God bless,