Friday, October 22, 2010

The Kingdom of God is coming--Make your decision!

In the Gospel of Luke (Chapter 12:54-56) Jesus is speaking to the crowds about reading the “signs of the times.” This portion of the Gospel falls within Luke’s travel narrative as Jesus is journeying to Jerusalem where he eventually faces his destiny.

Jesus has been warning people along the way that the Kingdom of God is coming and in this particular passage he continues his cautionary proclamation.

He tells the crowds, if you can read the clouds and know when it is going to rain, and you can see that the wind blowing from the south is going to bring heat, how are you missing this? The Kingdom of God is coming and you simply need to be paying attention.

He goes on to tell the crowds a story about taking your case to a judge to make a decision. His point is that you should settle your case now. In other words, make your decision about me. Are you going to follow or not? Don’t wait until judgment day to make that decision.

If you have been lukewarm in your faith and only sort of following God (or if you have abandoned Him completely), today would be a good time to think about this. While none of us knows when the end will come, we do know that we have the power in our lifetime—at this moment in our life—to decide how seriously we want to take our faith.

Pull out your bible today and take a look at the rest of this Gospel. Ask God to help you finally move forward. Drop the excuses. The time is now.

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