Sunday, November 27, 2011


What an exciting Liturgical year we are beginning right now! With the beginning of Advent we usher in the Third Edition of the new translation of the Roman Missal in English.

We laughed at ourselves today at Mass as so many of us automatically responded with the response we have given for decades--even after having a "rehearsal" before Mass! Clearly this will take some time.

At first, I wasn't sure this was at all necessary, but I have embraced the changes as I have learned more about the reason for them. Hopefully, rather than whine about them, we will all get on board. For sure, this should not be an excuse to excuse yourself from Mass!

And, as we begin Advent, let us remember that this is a special time set aside to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of our Lord, who has come, and who is to come.

Step outside the rush of sales and settle in for some quiet time over the next few weeks. Offer what you have been given to God in return for all that He has done for you. Better yet, don't offer it for what He has done for you, but offer it simply out of love for Him!

May God grant you peace in this Advent Season and bring you to Christmas, fully refreshed and joyful.