Saturday, September 1, 2012

A dry river bed of tasks

I was reading, just recently, about biblical scholars and literary scholars and their approach to the bible.  The rising question was, Should we consider  individual pieces (books) of the bible separately, or look at it as a cohesive whole that creates one unified book?

As always happens, words can never truly describe an image given clearly, and that is the case here, but I will try.   Drawing from this study, I suppose, I saw an image of life as a dry riverbed of tasks, lined up sequentially, standing erect like stonehenge, except linear.   In a flash, the image raised the question, Is this what life is about, moving from one thing to another?"

Now this could be erroneously interpreted as a negative, or unhappy view of life, but that would not be right.  For to me, it was the vehicle that brought life to the realization that God's plan is greater than what we try to create.  That riverbed of tasks is what we create; God is the one who gives it meaning.

Each of those tasks that we line up to do every day, if done without an awareness of the bigger picture that is our life in God, stand like those magnificent Stonehenge rocks--a beautiful arrangement that offers nothing beyond what you see.

I do not think we were created just to move from one thing to another without contemplating God in it.  It seems terribly empty if that is the case.  Very one-dimensional. 

A life that is simply lined with tasks in a dry riverbed falls far short of the purposeful life God gives.  It seems there must be more to life, because indeed, there is.

Put this image of the dry riverbed in your mind.  See your daily tasks lined up in it.  Then ask yourself what meaning can be found in them collectively. Move like the scholars from the individual books of the bible to the bigger narrative called life.

Why do you do what you do? 

What might God's purpose be in them?

I welcome your comments . . .

God bless,

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