Sunday, August 28, 2016

Meditating on the cross

My husband and I were on our way up north and stopped for gas.  As we were walking into the station I pointed out a wallet on the ground.  He picked it up, did a quick flip open to see if there was identification, closed it and took it into the station.  When it was our turn to see the cashier, we turned it over to her.  Someone saw what we did and said, “That was nice.” The comment caught me off guard because it insinuated that there would have been another option as to what to do with it—keep it.  

The thought had never entered my mind.

Instead, I was thinking how unfortunate it was for the person who lost it.  Surely they would be back soon to get it.  Have you ever thought about all of the personal information someone could glean from your wallet if they found it?
I was reviewing one of the online protection services one day, and they had a great idea.  They said we should list/or even make a copy of, everything we have in our wallet.  If it is lost or stolen, we would know exactly what we needed to recover.

Speaking of online, I bought a rolling carrier for files that I take back and forth to work.  I no sooner made the purchase when advertisements for rolling carriers started showing up in my email and other points of access online.  I find this a bit creepy, but I am not one to hide, and I know it is just the cost of shopping online.

Speaking of cost, have you ever considered the weight of the cross that Jesus willingly carried for us? When we spend time reflecting on his life and death, it opens us up to gratitude and humility. If you would like to expand and increase your appreciation for his loving act, a powerful prayer is to just sit quietly with a crucifix in your hand.  You will be amazed at all that can come from silently meditating on the cross.

I invite you to share your comments.

God bless,

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