Sunday, November 27, 2016

St. Paul of the Cross and our love-union with Jesus
St. Paul of the Cross says that Jesus invites us into “the closest imaginable love-union” with him.  What a beautiful way to speak of the intimate union we share with Jesus!  When we consume the Body of Christ in the sacred bread, we are taking into our bodies the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ.  It is hard to imagine being any closer!

It makes me think about whether my own body is worthy, ready to receive Christ.  Not just the physical aspects of course, which we have come to know as the temple of the Lord, but what about my whole body, the interior as well?
Is my heart one with him? 
Is my spirit open to loving as he calls me to?
Am I ready to offer myself for the sake of others?

These are big questions to which an answer in the affirmative requires big responses.  None of us feel truly ready, I would suspect, but that should not discourage us, for with God, anything is possible.

As we move into Advent, let us take time to consider the Second Coming of Christ, the reality that we will one day be judged with justice and mercy, and amend those things in our life that we can.

God’s justice, which always flows from mercy and compassion, still considers our own efforts and desires.  God understands our humanity and constantly calls us to himself.  There will be, however, some of us who choose to live as if he does not exist, and since we are not puppets and he does not force us to accept it, we are told it will not be good for us if we reject him.

Let us reflect over the next few weeks of Advent on the Good News that Jesus came to save us all, and how amazing is his sacrifice on the cross. Let us be grateful for his tender devotion to his loving children, even those who are wayward, and let us turn back toward him so that one day, when he comes again in judgment, we will not be afraid, but happy to see him!

God bless,

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