Saturday, October 5, 2019

Our Telephone Connection

My mom was one of those people that answered the phone by saying “Yallow.”  She was saying “hello” but it sounded like yallow. 

Do you know what I mean?

And when she pronounced “tiger” she always said “Tayger.”

It’s sort of like when people say “warsh” instead of “wash,” but not exactly.

I had a friend years ago that talked like her mom.  They weren’t of any specific ethnicity, but they had a certain intonation to their words that made it almost sound like they had an accent, even though they didn’t. I guess it was just a unique family vocal inheritance.

Anyway, I was thinking about these things as I was thinking about the telephone.  As many of you already know, after you have lost a loved one, when the phone rings, your first thought/hope is that it might be them.

In a split second, you realize it’s not.

My mom and I had a real connection on the telephone, until we didn’t.

It was wonderful when she lived at home and we talked almost daily about every day things.  And even when she went into the nursing home, we had a solid telephone connection.

As her condition advanced, talking on the phone became more difficult because, for one thing, her phone was often buried deep in her purse and she couldn’t get to it fast enough, and for another thing, she went partially blind and it became hard for her to see the numbers to dial.

But her phone remained a lifeline for her.  She insisted on having an enlarged list of all of our phone numbers.  Even though she had trouble dialing, it still gave her a secure line to her children, to safety, to help if she needed it, to people she knew loved her. 

With the advancement of communication, we were able to enjoy using Face Time as well.  Mom could actually see people when we called them using our cell phones.  It was great.  Not the same as being there, of course, but truly the next best thing, and she loved it.

You know, like my mom, it wouldn’t hurt us to have a little Face Time with God.  He truly is our lifeline, a direct connection to the one who knows us best, who can guide us and give us advice.

God is the one that will listen intently, the one who loves us deeply.  He forgives us (like Mom does) when we mess up. He helps straighten our path when we head in the wrong direction, too.

And most importantly, he is the ONLY one who can actually save us!

The fact that he is our divine creator gives me reason to believe that he, too, is extremely happy when we check in with him.

Why not call out to God today, at this very moment?  He indeed is our secure line!

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