Saturday, August 28, 2021

Heavenly Ribs!

We bought a rack of pork ribs on sale so my husband started searching recipes, anticipating grilling them.  Once he found the perfect recipe, he had to buy the ingredients he needed.  

Grilling the ribs would take careful preparation and oversight for about two hours.  When he set the plate on our dinner table, we thought we were in heaven.  The ribs were flavorful, moist and done to perfection!

Recently, I've been reading about preparation in Matthew's gospel (Chapter 25). We have the Ten Virgins, five of whom were ready to meet the bridegroom (Jesus) and five who were not ready.

Then we have the Parable of the Talents which describes what we are supposed to do with what God has given us. 

It seems we are being led to the question:  How am I preparing for Heaven, right here, right now? 

I would encourage you to dig into these two parables and prayerfully consider the depth of their meaning.  What does the oil in the lamps of the virgins represent?  How might you use what God has given you, to be fruitful? 

How, indeed, are you preparing for Heaven?

Janet Cassidy


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