Thursday, August 5, 2021

They Forgot God

 "They forgot the God who had saved them,
    who had done great deeds in Egypt . . ."

Silly Israelites.  How could anyone wandering in the desert forget all that God had done for them?  This verse, 21, from Psalm 106, really caused me to pause my morning prayers as I started wondering about us.  As a country, we might find ourselves convicted of rejecting God like the Israelites, without even realizing it.

Can we name what God has done for us?  Do we know his amazing deeds?  

Have we turned away from God to seek what satisfies our desires, not grasping our need to be saved?

Of course not!  Not us!  Here's what we've been doing as evidence against that silly notion . . .

  • We've been trying to create new genders and dismiss the "male and female he created them" idea. 
  • In the name of healthcare, we are killing unborn children in their mother's womb while fighting for less-important causes in the name of virtue.
  • We are not worried about what is good for our brothers and sisters (the common good), as long as we're okay.
  • We call evil good and good evil.

The list could go on and on.  The reality is, we find ourselves living as if there is no God, and the sad thing is, we don't even see what we are doing.

For the Israelites sake, God "remembered his covenant and relented in his abundant love." (45) The Israelites responded, "Save us, Lord, our God, gather us from among the nations that we may give thanks to your holy name and glory in praising you." (47)

Of course there are many kind, charitable people living among us.  People who work hard every, single, day, trying to get it right.  There are also people among them who hold fast to what God has taught and strive to impact the world through faith.  We need them. All of them.

I like to imagine a nation that has turned away from sin and darkness.  A nation that has stepped back and taken a closer look, seeing themselves as they really are, aware of where they are going, and then making a change.  I like to imagine us moving in a new direction, working to correct ourselves, knowing we need God.

Like the Israelites, we need to ask God to save us, give thanks to his holy name and glory in praising him.  If we do that, anything is possible.

Janet Cassidy

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