Monday, September 13, 2021

Finding Hope on a Messy Road

If I may say so, honestly, without complaining, it has become quite a challenge to find my way to work lately.  It seems that every street I re-route to, there is new construction.

Near my house, they started some piping project months ago.  Barrels go up, barrels go down.  It changes from day to day, but all I really want to see is paving trucks.  The road is such a mess.

You can imagine my excitement when my husband came home and told me the paving trucks are out!  Yay!  I thought it was a project that wouldn't happen until next year, but at last, my painful waiting will soon be over.

There's something about being given hope that changes one's perspective.  I have moved from grumbling to happy anticipation.

The way I see it, we need hope today.  People are angry, discouraged, frightened, anxious and down-right sad.

So where do we find hope?

Well--and I don't want this to sound cliche--we find hope in Jesus.  It is from God that we find hope and when things take a turn for the worse, if we seek him in faith, we will find our solution.

When you believe in God, you know that you are not walking alone, when the road gets long and lonely.

When you believe in God, you know that no matter how bad things get, he loves you and he will never abandon you.

When you believe in God, it is possible for real joy to penetrate even the darkest times.

I say this with all sincerity--if you have not yet discovered God, the one who created this world and you--you are really missing something, or, rather, someone.

You've heard it before, a million times, but why not accept this invitation today?  Talk to someone of faith that you know, or call your local, friendly church, and ask them who they have that can tell you about God.

If that doesn't work, write me!  We can walk down this road together!

God bless,

Janet Cassidy


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