Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Grocery Bag Handoff

I was having breakfast one morning and I happened to see a car pull into our neighbor's driveway.  I noticed our neighbor come out of her house while the person in the driveway jumped out of their car.

The car person passed what looked like a grocery bag to the house person.  Naturally, I have no idea what that was about, but I was left thinking, "I know that move."

"That move" being the handoff during covid.  Between covid and sickness, we and our youngest daughter, who lives nearby with little kids, have done the handoff on a number of occasions.  Sometimes it's medicine or masks, and sometimes it's food. In fact, it seems like we are often feeding each other when one of our households is "down for the count."

From the time she was old enough to drive, our youngest was always giving rides to people, taking them a gift, or picking up food.  That level of generosity with a willingness to go out of one's way for another isn't something all of us necessarily have in our nature.  I know it is certainly something I wish I had more of; I don't think she learned it from me.

Expressions of love come in lots of different ways.  Sometimes it is a pan of homemade enchiladas, and sometimes it is a thoughtful poem in a card, but no matter the form, the ability to lift someone up through an act of kindness is a beautiful thing.

I knew a religious sister once whose acts of simplicity and generosity remain with me even today.  She would write me a note after attending one of my classes just to thank me.  I have no doubt Sr. Dismas didn't really have a need for my class, considering her level of faith, but her notes always made me feel appreciated.  Her actions are worthy of imitation and I try to remember her ways and do what I can on different occasions.

Because she was a religious sister, as you might guess, she was quite frugal.  I am comforted by this whenever I over-think a gift I am giving.  A simple card with a personal, hand-written note IS acceptable for a special occasion.  No doubt, I have held onto her notes a lot longer than any gift she would have purchased.

As you go through your day today, maybe you can find a way to help a brother or sister through a kind word or act of kindness.  Big or small, any expression of love speaks volumes to those on the receiving end, and I suppose, it does the giver some good as well.

Here is my 2-minute CassidyComments podcast on one of the readings for this Sunday, just to help you start preparing for Mass.  

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