Thursday, November 11, 2021

A Different Kind of Road



Have I mentioned this before?

I was on my way to visit one of our daughters at her new job and I missed the road sign where I was supposed to turn.  This happened because I was expecting a different kind of road.  I thought it would be a busy, four lane road when it was actually a quiet, two-lane road.

It seems like this is how life works.  We imagine something to be a certain way, and when it doesn't look like what we expected, we miss it altogether.

This is true with religion as well.

So many imagine Church to be an institution beset by cold demands, where freedom is lost, when in reality it is a place of many encounters with the living Christ.  It is a place where we find friendship and true freedom, as well as salvation!

Keep this in mind if you have had the sense that something is missing in your life, but you have been avoiding the community life of a Church because of what you imagine it to be.

Sometimes you have to make that "right" turn to discover the path you have been on is not the one you need to be on.

Janet Cassidy


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