Wednesday, December 29, 2021

My Funeral

I was watching the recording of the funeral of a beloved sacristan from our former church, when I heard something I have never heard before at a funeral.

In his homily, the priest conveyed the request that she be forgiven "if she may have wronged you in any way and let her go in peace and be free."  He continued, asking that any grudges be let go of as well.

I shouldn't be surprised.  She was a humble servant of God and lived out her call as a secular Franciscan to the benefit of all who knew her. 

If you know me, you, too, shouldn't be surprised to learn that when I hear something I like at a funeral, I ask my family to use it.  This day was no different.  I told my husband that I would like a statement made like that at my funeral. Over the years, I am confident--and saddened--that I have undoubtedly hurt people, so this is a statement that would be necessary, I think.

Anyway, my husband's response, understandably, was, "How am I going to remember that?"  And then, his memorable advice:  "Why don't you just not offend anyone?"

Oh, okay, I'll work on that. 

But maybe we should clear the air now, just in case I am not successful.  Please forgive me if I have in any way wronged you in the past, and please extend your kind forgiveness to me for what is to come, as it no doubt will.

Thank you, Margaret Erickson, for your life lessons, even in death.  May you rest in peace and freedom.

Janet Cassidy



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