Wednesday, January 5, 2022

How I Really Am

I was doing an Examination of Conscience recently, fretting over my lackluster practice of Christianity, when something occurred to me.

God was showing me how HE sees me, how I really am, so I have a chance to make some corrections, here and now, before judgment day. 

Yes, that is our just and loving God.  Always giving us a chance to become all he calls us to be.  These moments of clarity are a gift.  God is saying, "Don't wait, get on this today! Draw closer to me."

Honestly, it's not like we don't know how to do that.  It's not like he hasn't shown us.  I mean, after all, he has revealed himself to us in scripture and Tradition.  He left us the Church and all of the sacraments.

I encourage you to take a moment--today--and do an honest, self-assessment.  Why aren't you really going to Mass?  Why are you skipping your daily prayers?  Why are you being unkind, selfish or even greedy?  Why are you swearing so much?  Impatient, complaining or always pleasure-seeking? 

Do you actually believe in God?

Let God show you, you, and then get busy, cooperating with his grace, so you will not fear judgment day, but welcome it when your time comes.

Janet Cassidy


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