Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Remembering our loved ones



I remember having a conversation with an employee at the nursing home where my mom was living.  We were chatting around a table and the lady was talking about her mom.

She said that although her mom had died several years before, she still would go to pick up the phone to call her.  My mom and I listened and acknowledged we understood, especially since my grandma had also died several years before.

Even at the time, I knew how precious that moment was for me since I could still enjoy my mom's company.  Today, as I remember her on her birthday, I know all to well the longing to talk to her, to call her up, to share something that is going on.

Naturally, I pray for her every day.  Those who have gone before us rely on our prayers.  They are no longer in a position to pray for themselves, nor make any changes they may have liked to make while living.

That is a good reminder for us, that we should always do our best to grow in holiness, care for others, and avoid sinning as much as possible. It can also send a bit of a shock wave in us when we look around us and wonder, "Who will pray for me when I'm gone?"

You may even want to talk to your family or friends about the importance of their continued prayers for you after you are gone.

I encourage you to take very seriously those prayers you make for others, both those living and dead.  While you may not see the results of your prayers, you can be confident that they are important.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Janet Cassidy



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