Wednesday, June 12, 2024

What are you trading today for?



I was reading this verse from today's Psalm (16):

"They multiply their sorrows who court other gods."

What would you consider to be "other gods" that you court? I'll bet you could come up with a few, if you think about it.

Do you overwork yourself in order to acquire extras, seeking wants (gods) that go far beyond needs?

Do you ignore other, important people or things in your life, in order to acquire these? 

What do you tell yourself about why you do this?

The Psalmist points out that our sorrows will be multiplied when our seeking is misplaced.

We need to have a healthy relationship that balances good things, against a desire to accumulate, accumulate, accumulate, no matter the cost.

For young people, it might be the idea of working like crazy so that you can be rich by the time your 40, thinking you will then be able to retire and just play. 

But, what are you trading away today for?  

There is no guarantee of tomorrow, nor your health or state of mind, so be careful.  Enjoy your kids while they are young, for instance, or your parents, or your spouse.  Do the ordinary, everyday things with the people you love, today, while you are able.

Those "ordinary" experiences are extraordinary. 

Don't postpone today for tomorrow, seeking gods that will only multiply your sorrows. The Psalmist has warned us!

Janet Cassidy


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