Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Is your identity obvious?



The current issue of "faith" magazine titled "Anointed and Appointed" was laying on our dining room table. 

It reminded me of something I have wondered about before, when thinking about priestly ordinations or vows to religious life.

What must it be like when you make such a commitment and from then on, people begin to recognize you as a religious? What kind of character expectations are put upon you at that point? 

What degree of effort are you willing to make, to be holy?

And then, this thought comes:  Shouldn't such a commitment and outstanding character and striving for holiness be attached to every Christian by virtue of our Baptism?

In fact, what if we asked ourselves those very same questions?

Following up on yesterday's blog "Coming out of our monastery," isn't it the responsibility of all of us to live our lives so that the presence of Jesus is obvious?  Shouldn't our behavior reflect our love and devotion to God in everything we say and do, not unlike those identified as religious?

Shouldn't we do the hard things toward loving, rather than the easy things?

Lay people may not wear religious clothing (although we do have crosses and medals, etc.), but it should be evident that we are clothed in Christ.

What is it about you that identifies you with Christ?

Janet Cassidy
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