Wednesday, July 10, 2024

You are Never Alone


Our oldest daughter suggested a song I might like (she was right) by Lewis Capaldi titled "Someone You Loved." 

After the title of the song, the standout line is "I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved." It's a unique line that sort of reverses the way we think today, proned as we are to consider how we love others.

At first it struck me, as a married person, because we do get used to being loved by our spouse, and it's a beautiful thing to be grateful for.

But then I started thinking about our relationship with God.  So many of us forget just how much our Father in heaven loves us, and that, too, is something worthy of our tremendous gratitude.

The song takes a turn, of course, when it makes the point that the one doing the loving has walked away, leaving the beloved alone.  As we know, that would never happen with God.

The reality is that God loves us, even if we do not realize, reflect, acknowledge or accept it. His love is what actually carries us through all of the storms of life, and he continues to invite us to be with him when our earthly life is over.

Who are you "getting kinda used to being loved" by? Be sure you let them know today how much you cherish them, and see if you can find a path to thanking God for his love as well.

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