Monday, June 10, 2024

A Super Windy Video/The Holy Spirit on Mission

I picked a super windy day to bring you today's reflection video because I wanted a reminder of the Holy Spirit.  Throughout the centuries, we have come to associate the wind and the Holy Spirit.

In fact, in the very first book of the Bible--Genesis--in the very first chapter, in the very first paragraph, we read, "while a mighty wind swept over the waters."  

Yes, from the beginning, the Holy Spirit was active, as should be the case in each of our lives.

When we teach about the Holy Spirit, we also note that while you may not be able to see the spirit, like the wind, you can see its impact. Notice in my video, you can see the wind's effect on the trees, my voice and even my hair!

Please take to heart the words from Fr. John Riccardo's book "Rescued" which I am highlighting today.

Janet Cassidy
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