Friday, June 7, 2024

His Most Sacred Heart



"Is it just me?" I asked my husband.  Is it just me that thinks the energy of drivers lately has significantly increased?  It feels like people are driving faster, more recklessly and more inconsiderate than ever before.

We were coming home from the cemetery the other day, driving up an inner city, two lane road, and just before we reached the top of the small hill (and JUST before the curve), some guy flew past us, on the left, crossing the double yellow line.  He pulled back in front of us literally five seconds before oncoming traffic came around the curve and over the hill.

Whew! I praised Jesus in the moment that those other people were not hit head-on. The carelessness of that driver could have changed all of our lives in an instant.

In the back seat, I heard our son quietly, fearfully say, "My heart is pounding."  Mine was, too.  

Ironically, I thought later, we could be IN the cemetery now rather than visiting it.

Speaking of heart, did you know that today is a special day in the Church?  It is called the Solemnity of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  On this day we turn especially to Jesus' heart--undivided both physical and divine--and give thanks for all that is available to us through his gift to us.

A wonderful article that explains in greater detail how this day came about, and some of its elements, is, "The Sacred Heart Kills Heresy." 

If you want to go a little deeper, you can read it here:

No matter what your faith practices are, this is a day for all Christians to unite in the Heart of Jesus, where, as brothers and sisters, we can adore his Most Sacred Heart together.

Janet Cassidy

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