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Venting: Life , Media & Politics



I'm hoping you will tolerate a little venting from me today that comes simply from observation. We'll start with the life issue of abortion, since it is a thread that runs through politics and media simultaneously. 

To begin, when you start paying close attention, you will notice that the main voices heard in interviews and reporting comes from mothers-in-crisis. 

Almost nowhere do you here any pro-life moms being interviewed. The "I-need-an-abortion" reports seem to prevail as top news stories. There isn't any balance. Where are the voices from the other side? They do exist, you know.

In the news yesterday a mom expressed her desperation in needing to abort her baby who had Trisomy 18 (look it up).  I knew someone who gave birth to a baby with T-18.  She and her husband (and sons) took their baby home and poured love into her throughout her very short life (I think it was a matter of weeks). I got to hold this beautiful little girl. 

Praise God she was given life.

Another mother on the news was talking about how she would only have a few hours with her baby if she continued her pregnancy, so she, too, desperately needed an abortion. I understand the pain and desperation, but this response just makes me sick.

Okay, so there's my condensed vent on life.

Media.  Well, that blends into the life issues because, as I said, where are the interviews with women who can speak of the amazing experience of loving your baby, if only for a brief time? 

Is the loss painful?  Almost unbearable?  Of course, but we need to hear their stories, too.  Let's hear from the moms who recognize the life of their baby as equal to their own, who bravely move forward, unwavering in their determination to bring life. 

Standing steadfast against fear, they face the first challenge of motherhood--accepting the unknown. We need to hear from them; they need to be giving media interviews.

Without them, one might think abortion is the only alternative.

Politics. This one's challenging, to say the least. Ahead of this week's first presidential debate, I am again sickened by our current President's willingness to toss aside what he surely knows by his faith (that abortion is wrong) in exchange for political votes and promoting a so-called women's agenda.

I am furthermore sickened by the former President, who also uses the life ticket as a means of garnering votes, wavering as he does, depending on the polls.

In my opinion, the bottom line is that neither of these men are worthy of the Office of the President, or our confidence. Their moral standing is severely weakened by their desire for presidential power.

So where does that leave us, the average citizen?  One thing I know for sure--as a Catholic, I don't have to vote for the former President just because he claims to be pro-life, and neither do I have to vote for the current President, just because I don't like the former. 

Through observation, it is easy to see that politics can usurp wisdom, good judgment and morality. I'll throw in decent behavior as well.

The Church teaches that we need to vote our informed conscious. We need to seriously pray about our vote. And, although I have focused primarily on abortion in this post, there are definitely additional things to be considered. 

Good leadership and decision-making arise from our wisdom, good judgment and morality, not apart from it. These speak of who we are.

For instance, how we treat others is important, whether we're talking about creating policies that impact the vulnerable, immoral behavior or violence against women.

Now is the time to get "prayed up" as they say, because we desperately need to prepare ourselves.  Pay close attention to the details and in them we will find our answer. Ask God for guidance. Call on the Holy Spirit.  Listen carefully.

Janet Cassidy
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