Tuesday, June 25, 2024

On Suffering



It is something we all experience to some degree in this life. But suffering, in and of itself, does not add one iota of meaning or value to our life, unless it is attached to the suffering of Jesus, especially his death on the cross.

His suffering is where Christian suffering finds its meaning.

Through the suffering of Jesus, we find sacrifice of worth.  We learn what love means.  We discover God touching man at the very heart of our lived experience.

Joy is easy. Happiness is delightful.  But when it comes to suffering, we cannot endure it as emptiness.  It becomes unbearable unless we offer it for others and see it as a shared experience with Christ.

We may automatically think of suffering as physical pain or illness, but in its fullness, it encompasses a whole range of lived, personal human battles and trauma.

Whatever you might be going through at this moment, I encourage you to sit quietly, crucifix in hand, and think about what Christ went through, for you and me.

On the cross, Jesus offered forgiveness.  He took our sins upon his own body.  He suffered humiliation, and he displayed strength while his body was growing weaker.

Whatever you discover from his cross, tie it to whatever you are dealing with right now, and you will find meaning.  Let your loneliness, desperation or exhaustion be given new life in Christ.

Without Jesus, life loses its meaning. Why would we ever try to go through it without him?

Janet Cassidy
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