Monday, June 24, 2024

No College Scholarships Today!


If you have littles playing sports, perhaps you have seen this sign.  It is very direct, and an excellent reminder for adults.  My favorite one is #5. 

Too often today, parents get so wrapped up in little Johnny or Jilly's potential, that every play, every miss, or every score carries a lot of weight, and pressure.

What if--and I know this is earth shattering--kids just learned the bigger lessons in life from their sporting experience?  What if--again, earth shattering--they just had fun and made some friends?

I know, I'm such a simpleton. I guess everything has to be competitive because future college scholarships are at stake, but how about we let 10 year olds just be 10?

Everyone means well, I know, but it seems to me that sometimes when parents get into the mix, it's hard for coaches to just coach. 

It's like when we get in the way of God just trying to be God. We tell him he should be doing things our way and question him when he doesn't. Sometimes we can even be quite vocal about it.

I'm trying very hard to take the wider approach and ask, "What might God be doing in this situation?" Is he pruning impatience?  Does he know that what I am asking for wouldn't be good for me?

I have to assume that there is more going on at any given time than what I can see, or understand.

This approach can really help if you find yourself frustrated.  Take the bird's-eye view and just relax. My experience is that God always know which doors to open for us, and which should remain closed, at least for now.

This attitude places us in a position of trusting God, leaving us to worry much less.  You might want to give it a try!

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